Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finishing The Album: Step 15 - front cover concept complete

It's not DONE, but the concept is done.

Granted, there will be numerous changes to be made before we go to press. The pictures of Bill and I are temporary, and bad. The text is of course total nonsense. The thumbnail pictures along the bottom of the design will need to be replaced with pictures that we have clearance to use.

BUT, I am diggin' the overall layout and design. Depending on how much text we want to drop into the liner notes, we can probably shrink the font by a few points to fit in more. I know Bill is a fan of liner notes, but I'm thinking the web might be a good place to put those. Dunno.

Recall that as of right now, my vision is that there is NOT a booklet type fold out for the front cover of the CD. what you see above would not be printed as is and folded. It would be one sheet, with the BB part on the back, Desert on the front. If there is huge need for more liner note real-estate, we can do that. It'll just cost a bit more, take more time, etc.

I must confess though, i think it looks pretty cool.

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