Friday, December 7, 2007

VideoDrome II: The Sequel

Last night I had a break through. I successfully created a DVD compliant movie from a VHS tape. It was a 35 minute electronic press kit from Spider-Man. The first one. Because of all the filters I ran on the source video, and the quirky encoding settings I chose, it took about 7 hours to encode it. But MAN does it look good. I dare say the picture looks better than the source material. The filters that developers have put out are really incredible, and I'm impressed. The next step is for me to author a DVD and burn it.

If I can get that done by the end of the day, this will mark the beginning of a new era in Stik history. Though there have been DVDs made before, they were always of questionable quality. They seemed decent at the time, but now that I know more about things like de-interlacing, chroma shift, and YUY2 conversion, I'm much more able to discern good from bad. So as the dated song says: Something tells me I'm in for something good.

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