Friday, December 28, 2007

This is Spinal Tap

I don't know how they scooped us like this, but band Nemesii Erin Barton and Rachael Varner managed to find themselves as extras in the Spinal Tap Reunion movie. Go figure. As part of my recent video conversion craze, I capped the scene that includes the two.

Briefly after uploading this vid to youtube, I realized that I have the Spinal Tap reunion on DVD, and could have just ripped it from there. Still, in this format, it retains some of its original charm

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Swamptooth said...

I remember Erin saying the band (in costume as the folksmen) chatted them up between takes.

Of course, having been in the band less than a year, Spinal Tap was pretty much our favorite movie at the time. Having Don's entourage appear as extras in the sequel was one of those background Stickmen plot twists that seemed kind of unbelievable at the time, but which continued in surreal fashion throughout the band's history.

My parents were out of town on New Year's Eve when "Spinal Tap Returns" aired, and Don and I wound up throwing a party to watch the broadcast. We intentionally an perversely invited a bunch of incompatible personalities to our "social experiment." Guests included the stars of the evening (Erin and Rachel), along with Steve Krulik, Mike Symons, and others. Oddly, we ended up recording the four-track demo version of Martyr Me, or at least the rhythm track, because I'm pretty sure Matt was not there.

The movie itself was mostly live, and mostly lame, although the offstage bits were pretty funny.