Friday, December 28, 2007


I've actually forgotten if this was already a headline. Even if it was, it's certainly worth repeating, as it has proven to be such a powerful hammer of humility over the years.

Foom was the brain child of me, natch. It was first seen as a feature on, typically referred to was "wee-brus". Note: it was meant to be pronounced "web are us", but who cares. So Foom was a format for ball bustin'. The general notion was that I would take band photos, scan them, then add in my own comic book style voice bubbles that would have the person in the photo saying something. The something that they said was usually insulting to themselves, or someone else in the band that wasn't me. But after some time, i found it funny to also let the hammer fall my way occasionally.

For a more detailed historical perspective, I'll give some more information. This'll probably be totally new news to anyone other than me. The word "foom" was not originally mine, though it's meaning was instantly understandable. Well, to bill it was. I remember asking him what he thought "foom" meant. He said "that's the sound you hear as the fist is rushing towards you" or something like that. And yeah, that's the basic idea. It's that ominomininniapia, or whatever it's called. I got it from a comic book. Specifically, it was said by Stan Lee of Marvel Comics in a column he was writing. I first saw it used as an acronym. F.O.O.M., stood for "Friends of ol' Marvel". I then saw it later in an issue of the Fantastic Four, where The Thing was clapping his hands together to create a sonic boom to thwart the baddies. The sound it made was "Foom"! History lesson over.

Over the years, foom has been updated. it started out using pictures online, and now is the latest iteration. Video Foom. Though these don't feature comic book style word bubbles, it is the videos themselves that hurt.

So for my first submission, I present to you a very old video. Gravity, with Dr. Hoojimajaba.

I think this marks the first time a video has been embedded in a blog entry, by the way. That's me: always pushing the envelope.

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