Friday, December 14, 2007

Two Sh!ts and a Fizzy.

If I recall correctly, this was to be the name of a chain of restaurants (perhaps franchise opportunities??) helmed by Don Varner and partner Bill Fischer. The theme of the restaurant was Chili. In fact, EVERY dish would contain a portion of gut bursting chili. Or was it that the integral ingredient of each dish was chili? I forget. Oh, and there was soda too. Or was it beer? That's where the "fizzy" part of the restaurant name came from. Obviously, the first half of the name is the direct and tangible result of the chili laden main dish. Duh.

There was a restaurant in Los Angeles called "Mo' Better Meaty Meat Burgers" that closed down a few years ago. But when I lived there, I would drive by it all the time. (Not to be confused with "drive-by", which usually involves a shotgun). Anyhow, every time I would pass this place, I would think of 2Sh!ts, and imagine that this is what it would look like should it ever come to pass.

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Swamptooth said...

Good stuff. I guess we missed our chance to dine at MBMMB. At our place, every combo was going to be a "#2." Clever. Another feature of 'Fizzy was going to be the conveyor-belt moving walkway gliding conveniently past the soda fountain. The idea was that you never have to wait long behind sipper/sampler-man, soda-cocktail girl, or the housepainter guy who is filling 7 extra-large drinks for the guys out in the dually (spelling?).

Incidentally, Don did try the all-chili diet on an overnight backpacking trip with me, Lisa, and Victor, out in Joshua Tree National Monument. Don's only nourishment was half a dozen cans of "double-barrel beef chili." Oh, and maybe some soft cheese.

Excellent post, Matt Munson. Now when are we going to be treated to an expose on "Randy's Donuts?"