Friday, February 15, 2008

My Deep Thoughts

I've decided that this blog is turning out to be far too interesting, so I thought it would be appropriate for me to provide a blog entry that is more in line with the typical nonsense that you find at blogspot. So now, dear reader, I present to you, the first (and perhaps last) installment of a series of posts I like to call "My Deep Thougts". The goal is to "level set" on what blogs are supposed to be. We seem to focus far to much on having fun, posting pics, and talking about things that are important to us. I feel that this is not appropriate for a blog. Allow me to demonstrate...

Woke up today. Alarm went off early, but I managed to get out of bed. I grow tired of shaving. Kicked around the idea of not shaving today, but then remembered I have an image to uphold. Image of what, I'm not sure. The iPod has KT Dunstall on it today, makes me think of Dunston Checks In, a DVD I own that I have yet to watch. Movies with monkeys and kids have always captivated me, but only when together. Monkey movies, not as interesting. Kid movies, certainly not. but put the two together and it's like chocolate and peanut butter.

Rolled into the office to take a few conference calls. Good stuff covered, but it got me thinking about why whiteboards are white. I always thought it was cool that they called black boards "black boards", seeing as how they are usually a dark shade of green. I always found that ironic. But now we have white boards, and they are actually white. I find this disturbing, but only on a visceral level. Every other level remains uneffected by this revelation.

Today's soundtrack in my head is a combination of the Brady Bunch theme song, and a mashup of Enya and Prodigy that I heard in Canada a few years. It was a surreal combination of "Sail Away" and "Smack my bitch up", which oddly enough, feature a near identical cadence and rythm. File under "go figure".

I'm still sad that the X-Files was cancelled. Yes, it was a few years ago, but I still find myself longing for the days when I could join Mulder and Scully on their supernatural investigations, if only vicariously. Fortunately, I feel I will find some relief later this year, when the second x-files feature film is released. I'm thinking of installing a countdown clock on my website to mark the occasion. I really want to participate in the movie in any way possible, and if that means adding a countdown clock to the website, along with a list of my expectations, then so be it.

I got robbed yesterday. By a machine no less. No, I was not mugged by the Terminator or Robocop. This theft was far more sublime, but could certainly be the focal point of an essay on how technology is robbing us of our humanity, one snack treat at a time. So I was bored yesterday afternoon, and decided it was time for a sweet treat. I went into the employee break room, and browsed the selections in the vending machine. I had my eye on a three pack of Reeses Peanut Butter cups. I put my dollar in, entered the code, and watched with eager anticipation as the spiral server slowly rotated, advancing at impossibly slow speeds my sweet treat. I always get a tingle at the back of my neck during this wait, as I'm always suspecting the spiral will not rotate enough to release my paid-for treat, thus leaving it stranded on the edge of the drop off chute and my gullet. As fortune would have it, the treat dropped, but got snagged at the bottom. It got lodged between the dispenser opening, like that rope bridge at the end of Temple of Doom. Sadly, there was no swashbuckling hero present with a skull-dulled machete to chop the ropes of the bridge in order to bring it crashing down into the alligator infested waters below. Several attacks on the vending machine yeilded no movement, as the treat appeared thoroughly lodged. I succumed, and chose treat over finances as I shoveled another dollar into the machine. I fantasized about the newly purchased snack-pack knocking loose the stuck one, but no such luck. Two bucks for three peanut butter cups. That's a currency exchange worse than dollars for pounds sterling at this point.

So overall, a pretty interesting day.