Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Logo Ideas

Nothing terribly flashy, but hey, thats also our M.O. for the entire project.

I spent some time trying to figure out how to incorporate an ampersand or a plus sign, but after dorking with it for about ten minutes, I noticed that I kind of liked it without it. Keeps it simple.

And again, that's one of our driving themes, so maybe it's appropriate.


Don's Drums said...

Hey, where's the absentee landlord of this blog? Shouldn't Fischer be posting pics of the afterparty from the recording session?

Like the logo idea. The plus or ampersand signs would make me think of a busines. How about the BB's together like you have them, but as part of a guitar body? Or has somebody done that?

Don's Drums said...

Or how about the BBs come together that way, but as a hot chick? I hear sex sells. Unfortunately, I can't afford it.

Swamptooth said...

I'm working on it. I need to reinstall a scanner driver first.