Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Notes on April (The Song)

I enjoyed listening to the recent recording of the song April, and had some notes after listening to the recording several times. Before that, let me just say that the recording and playing quality was surprisingly good given the fact that was done in one session in an actual garage.

1. Add different intrument(s) at end. The song seemed a little stale towards the end. Maybe some keyboard or electric guitar.

2. Go out to different riff with more excitement, then bring it back at the end.

3. Remove the second vocal track. It sounded weird, and Fischer's voice can carry itself.

4. Drums need less crashes, hi-hat lifts. Still, I'm impressed at Munson's drumming.

5. Vocals can be quieter (not volume, but less strain) until the chorus and the end, when more effort can be put in.

Some things I'd like to try on the drums:

Start song without drums, bring them in late.
Try different tempos.
Add some ride in.

If you don't want my advice, too bad. That's why it's called "unsolicited".


MattMunson said...

Good comments Don, despite the fact that most of them are either back-handed complements, or flat out insults.

HAH! Just kidding! Glad to have some feedback, and I totally appreciate the drum tips. Fischer and I are actually hatching a scheme to have you come over and give me some pointers.

yes, i agree with the crash. When i listen to the song, I cringe at its overuse. Still, it's one of my first attempts at recording drums, and I'm just happy to make it through the song :)

I think I too may agree with the dual vocal track. Not sure. I'll need to listen more.

HOWEVER, my personal overriding feeling is that we should move on to the next song, and take the lessons we learned on this one to that song. Too often in stickmen history has the band been ground to a halt while trying to "perfect" something, be it a recording, a website, or a hair-do. My vote is to apply the lessons learned on this song (such as varying drum fills, dual vocals, more/different instrumentation, etc) to the next song. I think there's some solid advice in there from a man who has been around the wood pile, and we'd be foolish to ignore him.

Don's Drums said...

I agree on the perfecting part. What will probably happen is that you and Bill will do recordings, and then I'll go over to Bill's later and we'll make some mic adjustments and mixing tweaks for a couple hours.

Your drumming was good, where have you been practicing?

The crash problem was partly do to the mic issue, which Bill and I are going to try and work out over the next few days so your next recording can have better balance on the drum mics.

MattMunson said...

Awesome! If you can help tweak the recording set up, that will rock steady.

As for drumming, the only practice I get is when I'm at bills place. We ran through the song a few times before recording, and then just went at it. Recording, that is. Looking forward to getting some good drumming tips!