Monday, January 28, 2008

April Revisited

First of all, congratulations to the Fischer family on their new vehicle. The race is on for a nickname for the flashy new "crossover", so suggestions are welcome.

Saturday, after celebrating the purchase with some mixed drinks, we descended in to the garage to do some remixing of "April". Actually we descended into the half of the garage left available after some deft maneuvering on Bill's part to get the new car into the other half.

After getting comfortable together in tight quarters, we spent an hour doing a pretty decent remix, and were left with a few thoughts. First of all, Bill has to do a new guitar dub of the actual riff that goes with the song. This was left out of the original recording due to the injury sustained when Bill couldn't handle my ball properly. I mean the ball I tossed at him. You know what I mean. Anyways, we also decided that a new mic setup was in order for the acoustics from now on. One will be next to the strings, and one a couple feet away. A new vocal harmony track is also in order. I think Matt should give a harmony track a try, just to mix it up. Finally, the drum mics will be moved, one more will be added to the snare, and we'll do a quick drum redub.

The good news is that the remixing session will definitely help with the future sessions, reduce future mix times, and allow for more time doing actual recording. Also, the discovery that mixed drinks assists with mixing sessions will allow for more experimenting.

I'm excited to see what Matt and Bill can pull off when the studio is put back together, so that we can test our setup on what is quite possibly my favorite Stickmen song - Girl 134.


Swamptooth said...

This post will no doubt feed the Munson paranoia that I am secretly plotting a backdoor band reunion. (Lies!) Anyway, the drinking/mixing session was fun, as we figured out how to automate the mix. I am certain the noted overdubs would lead to even better results, but would also definitely run afoul of the original intent of the B 'n' B session, which was to see what we could accomplish in one go. So in other words, we would have to do it on the sly! Just kidding. Sheesh.

MattMunson said...

I formally consider my buttons pushed.