Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'll Bring Your Mom

That was one of the earliest signs that Don was going to prove to be a randy sort when it came to band interaction on stage. Those immortal words, right up there with "I play what I want" were first uttered on December 5th.

Which brings me to my point. That was A LONG time ago. A SCARY amount of time has passed since then. Not only do I not know the exact year, but I'm actually quite scared to hear it. I'm thinking it might be somewhere in the league of fifteen years ago.

Time marches on, and we get older. I just watched "Rocky Balboa" last night, and Stallone looked terrible. He looks great for a guy in his sixties, but overall, he looks like two miles of bad road. Will the Stickmen take the same path?

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Swamptooth said...

Two ... Miles

Of Bad Road ...

Hey, hey ...