Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Stickmen Storybook

During a phone conversation today, Bill and I hatched the idea of creating a Stickmen Storybook. The concept is this: pick ten topics or events, and then ask each stickman to write a brief essay recounting said event. Each stick-person does this independent of consulting with other stick-persons. So it's their own work, based on their own recollection.

So you get four essays for ten topics. That's 32 essays! wait. nevermind. Anyhow, so now you've got a stack of essays. What to do next? Publish them! There are a number of online services that let you assemble photo albums and then print them out on a one-off basis. they bind them up all pretty, yearbook style! I even have an R2-D2 builders club yearbook from last year. Great gag.

So that's the plan. For each of the ten events, I'll collect some pictures, or maybe scan some memorobelia from the event, and then put it all together into a book. We'll then print a few out, get them to the crew, and move on with our lives.

Still, I think it'll be a neat little keepsake. So if you're a member of the band, get ready to write some essays!

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