Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First "On The Road" Review is in!

There's loads of back story missing to this post, but it won't matter, as the content is so rich. Long story short, Bill and I banged out a nearly complete version of "On The Road" in the middle of the second Rockville session last weekend. I'm producer on that number, and in sort of a violent reaction to the over-produced-to-death version of Rockville we finally wrapped up, I'm inclined to consider "road" just about done, save for a bass line and MAYBE another guitar.

But I mixed down what I had, and mailed it out to a couple of friends for feedback. (read: kudos). Here's what I got from a member of our Seattle contingent:

"dude, i'm not a fan of harmonica :) but, cool otherwise and thanks
for sharing...it's no dr. brümbacher, though :)"

It works on so many levels. The commentary I mean, not the song.

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