Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Parade of Injuries Continues

Looks like Bill Fischer is not the only member of Black and Blue who can break bones. I just found out today that my big toe is indeed broken. Based on the level of pain I'm experiencing, I have to conclude that I did indeed break my small toe (twice) earlier in the year. And I also have to conclude that I did something absolutely horrible to my foot last year in Italy. If pain is any measure.

I went down to the Saddleback Urgent & Family Care office today in the afternoon to get it x-rayed. Good picture too! I'm sorry I don't have a copy to post. Basically, a big chunk had snapped off, but didn't move. It was in the exact position it needed to be, it was just busted off. It looked kind of cool. Sadly, there's NOTHING they could do for me. They even had the nerve to give me some really great advice: Try not to stub it. Gee, thanks. Do you want my insurance card now?? Sheesh.

They also advised that I wear shoes. Gee. The hits just keep on coming. What's next? Should I keep breathing? Will that help?

The good news is that it doesn't stop me from playing ze drums. It really only hurts when I try to bend it, or when someone sits on it. Or kicks it. Other than that, it's very manageable.

Here's an artists rendering of my injury. This is NOT my foot. Ignore the red circle. The blue line shows where the crack through my toe goes. See that knob of bone to the left of the line? That's the part that's free floating. Cool.

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