Monday, May 12, 2008

Truck: The Kids Are Diggin' It!!

The fan base is ablaze this week, as Big Tin Truck hits the airwaves. Well, the network cables, actually. Though if someone at home had a wireless router, and downloaded it to their laptop, I guess you could say it hit the airwaves.

But who cares! Bottom line is that the feedback from the latest Black and Blue release "Big Tin Truck" has been unanimously enthusiastic. And I'm not talking about your typical, cookie-cutter, parent-like, obligatory praise. Cuz you know, three year olds who bring home finger paintings are told they did a great job. Are we on the same level as them? Possibly, but that's worthy of exploration in a separate posting.

Fact remains, of all the folks who have listened, they all really liked it. Some went on to say they loved it. My favorite comment so far comes from a co-worker, who says "sounds like an old school surfer song". I have no idea how it does, but who cares. If someone is interested in spending their introspection cycles coming up with something other than "it's good", I'm pleased as punch.

So far, I think the song has gone out to about 10 people, which is an order of magnitude more than some of our live performances. I think this bodes really well for the forthcoming album, and our as-of-yet unrealized bright futures as rock and roll mega-wonders. or one hit wonders. Either would be fine.

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