Monday, March 31, 2008

Musings of The Producer

I'm kicking around songs that I want to do next. I just reviewed a few old blog posts, and I have to say, there are LOTS of songs that I would like to see recorded in Fischer Studios. Here's the list of low hanging fruit:

Knight in Dullard Amour
Friend that I Once Knew
Hurricane Days
Second Time Around - Bill HATES this song, I think.
Big Tin Truck
On the Road

Yup, that's my list. I would LOVE to see all of those recorded.

Based on some goofing around in the studio yesterday, I think the following are also solid candidates:

Armageddon is Here
Two Miles Underground

SUPER tough drum beat on that second one, but the first is a no brainer. I also think it would be a lot of fun to record a few songs from the Obscene album. Granted, we'd have to write most of them, but tunes like "P Pearlit Squirt Bird", "Flack Magina" and "Sex With The Dead" really do belong in the archives!!!!


Don's Drums said...

"P Pearlit Squirtbird" is a must-have recording for future generations, if only for the "Koo Koo Koo Kooo". Also, the word verification below is "vagina" without the "a". Way to go, Google.

MattMunson said...

I'll be happy to produce that song, but it would rock double-time if we could bring in Von Darner to utter those famous words. Let me know if you're up for it.