Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Matthew: Mr. Munson If You're Nasty

I'm taking a brief break from the corporate grind to drop by, say hello, and reveal my favorite Don Varner quote of all time: "I play what I want". Useful, accurate, and impervious to change. Good stuff. Favorite Bill Fischer quote?? Probably "We can TRY it". Famously deployed throughout the bands history as a way to mitigate conflict and get his way. Nice. Vinnie?? "Oh yeah", from Dec 5th. The "I'll bring your mom" skit. It's the inflection that sells it. I still use that to this day. I think I even used it in a meeting this morning.

In retrospect, I'm not sure this is a collection of my favorite quotes, or the most memorable quotes. Maybe those are one in the same. I'm starting to sound like a real blogger now, questioning my own assertions simply for the sake of adding a paragraph to my entry. Yikes. Time to move on.

In other news, I should point out that it is now March 17th, and Black and Blue has yet to record her March single. Tick tock. No, that's not the sound that previous girlfriends hear in the back of their heads as they approach thirty. No, that's the sound of the month of march passing us by. Without rock.

Also of interest, R2-D2 has been assembled again, this time in my living room. I got tired of him sitting in pieces (as if he was captured by jawas or something) in the garage, so I brought him upstairs. As I put him together, I realized how many things there were about him that I still hadn't finished. Oh well. He looks good. I'm only missing two aluminum parts and a new drive system. Then he'll be all done. For good. Anyhow, I bring this up mainly for the sake of Bill Fischer, who may want to bring lil' will over to get dissed in person. (cue youtube video here entitled "Will gets dissed")

Munson out.

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