Monday, May 3, 2010

Finishing The Album: Step 29 - New CD Is Burned

I lined all the songs up in iTunes, and got ready to burn a new CD. I needed to make some changes, and came up with this order:

On the road
Big Tin Truck
Armageddon Is Here
The Friend That I Once Knew
Bordered In Black
Above You
Drinks Are On Me
The Second Time Around
Girl #134
Let Me Be Your Guitar Player
Come My Way

The CD has been burned, and will be going into the mail tomorrow.

While I was listening to the songs one more time, I noticed something that bugged me, which I had previously forgotten. On the acoustic introduction for "The Second Time Around", one the first sustained note, there is a little click. Maybe it's the pick hitting the pick guard or something. That always bugged me. So I went into cubase and removed it. nice. All set.

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