Friday, August 15, 2008

Aquaman Got Nuttin' on Munson

Totally unrelated to rock and roll, but I have an interesting detail of my exciting life to share. So as many of you may know, I am currently training for a Triathlon. yay. One of the events is swimming. To date, I've been practicing in the Jr. Olympic pool at my apartment complex. (No relation to "Carl's Jr", by the way) over the past month, I've significantly reduced my half mile time due to practice, and the deployment of a wetsuit designed specifically for triahtlon competitors. I went from just under 20 minutes, down to 13:30. So I was feeling pretty good.

But now that the event is getting closer, I'm notching up my training. This started with me joining a local Triathlon club, which is pretty hard core for me. My first event was to attend an ocean swim down at Corona Del Mar. So I suited up, and hit the ocean. My wetsuit has tasted the lakes of Canada, and the pools of Orange County, but never the mighty Pacific. Until now! And while I've spent plenty of time frolicking in the ocean, I've never actually set out to swim a certain distance freestlye. So today was my first outing!

Long story short, I TOTALLY smoked the half mile course. My time was 11:21 seconds. What's wild is that I wasn't really even going for speed. I just kept thinking "slow and steady" in my head. The hardest part was keeping an eye on the bouys. In the pool, youv'e got a bright blue line on the bottom to keep you on track. In the ocean, you've got to look up every third or fourth breath to make sure your'e headed in the right direction, and not into oncoming swimmers. or the feet of ones you're swimming alongside. So it's very challenging. Oh, and did I mention that you've also got waves and mouthfulls of salt water to deal with? Oh, and the water is really cold? Oh, and my instinctual fear of aquatic predators?? So there was a lot going against me, but I still managed to turn in my best time ever. So I'm pretty stoked.

VERY excited that the big day is rapidly approaching. Only three weeks left to train. I'm 100% confident that I will finish the race, barring major mechanical failure in my bike, or body. So that's cool. I figure as long as I don't finish dead last, I'll be happy. Heck, even if I DO finish dead last, I'll still be pretty proud. Cuz you know, how many people can you count off that have finished a triathlon, dead last or not???

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