Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Swamptooth Live - 26 October, 2011

Third appearance in four weeks a Old Torrance Coffee & Tea.  This time with Don Varner in attendance, though not playing. 

  1. Arms of Love - the Munson arrangement of the Robyn Hitchcock song, played in G with C cross-harp.
  2. Dear Prudence - pretty faithful version of the Beatles' original, with a few changes to make it work better on solo acoustic.  Guitar was plugged in for this show, and sounded particularly good on this song.
  3. It Doesn't Matter Anymore - Eva Cassidy arrangement of the Paul Anka song, again played in G with C cross-harp.
  4. Girl #134 - the Matthew Munson original, but with an unauthorized bridge snuck in there while the author wasn't looking.  I fell into the trap I always do with no drummer, and played it a too slow a tempo.
Ran out of time and had to cut things short before I could go on for a planned second set.  This performance was less satisfying than the previous two, just because none of the songs really hit it out of the park.  That's okay, because I am purposely trying out material to see what works.  Also, rumors of possible Matt Munson attendance did not pan out.  I think Varner got some video, though.  The best part was the harmonica experimentation, which worked out pretty well.  I resolved after this to practice at least three times before each performance.

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